High staff turnover-the answer is in your hands

Research continues to tell us that up to 80% of employees leave their employer for reasons within the employers control; pay, conditions and or work relationships. We appreciate that competing on salary is not viable for some businesses in some industries, however improving work conditions and work relationships are certainly areas within an employers reach.

Ask a Coach: Induction Tips

Hi, I am wondering if you could tell me what a good induction program looks like? The majority of our staff who leave, seem to do so in the first 3 months of starting here and I think it has something to do with how we are welcoming them into the business. Our principle, however,

Ask a Coach: Training and Up Skilling your staff more affordably

Our problem is associated with up skilling our staff. It is definitely something that appeals to the team leaders in our business, however we are finding that this is becoming a very time consuming and costly way to improve processes and keep our employees smiling. –Mick, marketing, SA As up skilling employees quickly gains momentum

The Flu Season is here! How to reduce absenteeism…

It’s estimated that every sick day costs businesses an average of $385 and one in 40 people do it daily in Australia. With the flu season fast approaching, employers need to act now to reduce the impact of absenteeism on productivity and business profitability. While the cost of absenteeism can leave your bottom line feeling

Ask a Coach: Culture based KPIs

Dear Recruitment Coach, I can see you regularly address the performance appraisal process and constantly stress that KPIs must be measurable. This is easy enough when it comes to measuring sales success or in instances where connections can be made to figure-based outcomes. However, I want to set KPIs for my employees based around how